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Abu Dhabi AIR SHOW Nov 1-3  2022

The Schuster Engineering Services team and I are
proud and excited to personally invite you to visit our booth at the Abu Dhabi Airshow, November 1- 2- 3, 2022
Schuster Engineering Services was chosen by the Khaleej Aerospace Group to establish the first aerospace industrial park in Dubai.
The park will serve all the Gulf countries and the Middle East and has already received interest from officials in the UAE government.
We are convinced that the establishment of this unique park will lead to the prosperity and growth of the aviation industry in the entire region.
The park will provide support and service for many aviation programs, including the conversion of passenger aircraft to a cargo configuration (P2C)

I'm excited to invite all those who are involved in the aviation industry all over the world to come and take part in the change in the aviation industry in the Gulf region

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